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Resonance Studios is a team of three computer scientists and a game designer that have come together through various means to spend many long evenings talking on Skype, finding pubs in London and generally having fun coming up with wild ideas. Occasionally, when the stars align, making games based on those ideas.

The name, and the studio itself, grew from the central concept of our first idea for a game - Resonance - a mysterious resource that will feature heavily under various guises in all of our games. Whilst this game is yet to surface, we are currently working on a smaller title (not that you'd know it from how long we've taken!) called Starship Mechanic, which we hope to complete sometime in 2016.

Once Starship Mechanic is complete, we plan to move on to a more ambitious project that will make full use of our abilities and resources to create a game that combines several gaming genres in a story that is as humorous as it is compelling.

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